Whatever your songwriting needs are and whatever musical style you’re aiming for, we can help.

“As a versatile lyricist, I have many years of experience collaborating with Tim and Andy on a variety of projects. They have consistently produced top-level professional recordings across a wide range of musical styles. Without exception, their work is sensitive to the storyline of the song. There is no limit to their sonic ingenuity. Another valuable aspect is their ability to work to a tight deadline whenever this is deemed necessary. I look forward to further opportunities to make beautiful music together.” (Alan Millen, Zurich, Switzerland)

“I recently recruited the Big City songwriting and music production services run by Tim Readman and Andy Cooke. I needed help bringing a song idea to completion and to produce a recording of the finished song. I am very happy with the end result and with the professional service I received. They respected my artistic vision and ideas but also made very helpful suggestions to further enhance my song in a non-judgemental and supportive way. They provided excellent motivational and organizational assistance. I highly recommended them and I am continuing to work on a number of new songs with them.” (Sean Murphy, Songwriter, Vancouver, BC)

  • Do you want to write your own songs?
  • Have you written songs that you can’t finish?
  • Do you have ideas for songs but can’t get started?
  • Do you have rough demo versions of your songs you want to turn into fully produced recordings ready for airplay, streaming, download and distribution?
  • Do you have a special event coming up like a big birthday, retirement party, wedding, or graduation coming up?
  • Are you thinking you’d like to have a new original song to celebrate an achievement or mark the occasion?

There’s lots of reasons to write a song and we can help you do just that.

We have lots of experience and work in many different musical styles. 

You might need some encouragement and coaching to help you make progress. 

You might want somebody to do the whole thing for you – to write and record a song according to your needs and present you with the fully finished article.

Get in touch by emailing tim<AT>timreadman and let us know how we can help.

Here’s a few examples of our work:

FOLK – The Ballad of Hughie Gallagher – this comes from an album we were commissioned to write and produce about an English soccer team.

BLUES – The Ghost Of The Departed – this comes from an album we created with a lyricist. He provided the words and we did everything else.

ROCK – Once It’s Gone – from an album we wrote and produced under the band name Chronolord.

ALTERNATIVE ROCK – Gigabot and Occupants – from albums we wrote and produced under the band name Dataloaf.

COUNTRY – Wheatfield Soul – this comes from an album we created with a lyricist. He provided the words and we did everything else.

SOUL – Christmas Soul – classic 60s Motown/Memphis soul track from a Christmas album we wrote and produced.

ELECTRONICA – Packets – from an electronic pop project we wrote and produced.

WORLDBEAT – Festive Prelude/The Light Will Return – from the same Christmas album we wrote and produced.

HARD ROCK / METAL – Hard To Be A God – from a doom metal album we wrote and produced under the band name Wizrds.