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ChronolordTime Space and Other Dimensions | Big City
We were captivated by their first album, ‘The Cuckoo Gene’ and Chronolord are back again with their second album, ‘Space, Time and Other Dimensions’. Still at the helm are the duo, namely Andy Cooke (Dataloaf) from Baltimore and Tim Readman (Fear of Drinking) from Vancouver. It is always difficult to produce a second album, so did our two musicians rise to the challenge? The stand-out thing about this production is its variety of styles. There are tracks with progressive or even neo-prog sounds with the longest track, the opus ‘Wake Up’ lasting for eleven minutes. With this second album, the Chronolord duo maintain their great enthusiasm and vitality. ‘Time, Space and Other Dimensions’ can be savoured, like a light and tasty dessert after a good meal!
Gabriel Badelier, Progcritique, Quebec, Canada 

ChronolordTime Space and Other Dimensions | Big City
A cross-continental duo comprising Vancouver’s Tim Readman and Baltimore’s Andy Cooke where the two expat Brits get a chance to head back to the prog rock era of the late ’60s/early ’70s. The 11 tracks are all a far cry from Readman’s Celtic-tinged Fear of Drinking or Cooke’s project Dataloaf. Instead, the music is a mix of styles ranging from the 10 CC-style orchestral pop of You Will Live Forever to the pastoral interlude of Through the Mists or Slow Wave’s trippy psychedelia. While no plans are mentioned, it would be very cool to see this turned into a live band for a tour.
The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Eventually BrothersThe Ancient Art of Weaving | Big City
Genre: Roots Key track: Perfect Day
On its third release, this band, fronted by venerable singer/songwriter Tim Readman of Fear of Drinking renown, Andy Cooke and Alan Millen, get their pub-rock groove on in 12 new tunes. From the Stones-y harmonica break in the opener 20/20 vision — the title of the album actually is credited to a quote by Keith Richards — to the swinging ’60s feel of the excellent Valentine’s Day, the album is quite varied. Wartime Memory is like some long-lost British Invasion psychedelic gem that has recently been rediscovered. It’s refreshing to hear songwriting this unencumbered by genre and able to go all over the place.
The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I fell under the spell of this concept album, “ The Cuckoo Gene” produced by Chronolord, a duo made up of  Andy Cooke (Dataloaf) from Baltimore and Tim Readman (Fear of Drinking) from Vancouver… The music flows and immediately gels together, mixing genres as the tracks move between psychedelic rock and progressive rock, sometimes switching to folk… you very quickly become hooked in by the quality of most of the compositions, which perfectly complements the overall concept of The Cuckoo Gene. What more could you ask?
Gabriel Badelier, Progcritique, Quebec, Canada 

‘Fear of Drinking’ Live in Zurich: It’s pretty obvious from the opening stomp of Blackleg Miner why the band chose to release this performance. It’s an immaculate recording, with all the instruments coming through super clear and the harmony vocals right in you ears. This band is incredibly tight. Great performance from a band whose brand of fun and music is missed.
The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are nine tracks on ‘Live in Zurich’ with a mixture of traditional music and original songs and it’s a very good and lively listen.
Celtic Connection, Vancouver BC, Canada

“Mr. Readman has been a stalwart part of the BC and Canadian folk music scenes for a long time since emigrating from England. Besides producing, artistically directing festivals, and writing for Penguin Eggs he is a consummate performer and songwriter. He’s produced a terrific body of work from his early days in Canada as a member of Fear of Drinking, to being an Arrogant Worm, to solo albums named for various colours. He’s just added “Go Blue” to that repertoire.
It is a bit of a departure from the past – thirteen songs in the R&B-ish and pop veins more than folk. Going back to roots or exploring new territory- it doesn’t matter. “Go Blue” is a lovely collection of songs – I especially liked “Old New World” and the title track “Go Blue” as catchy pop songs. Good on ya’ Mr. Readman for throwing an unexpected curveball.”
Penguin Eggs Magazine, Edmonton, AB, Canada

“Canadian Geordie, Tim Readman can usually be counted on for Celtic green material, but his new album ‘Go Blue’ reveals many other hues to his songwriting prowess. Gifted at straight up rock ‘n roll, pop, rock and even decidedly disco, his perfect tenor makes it all sing. On the cover he reveals a shared passion with me for slick spacecraft. Congrats Tim for boldly going blue. It’s a sweet ride.” 
Kal Coat, WorldBeat International

“No prizes for guessing my soundtrack album for 2016. Go Blue, by Tim Readman, of course! It has accompanied me on my travels across Europe throughout the summer, with stops in France, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. And let me tell you, it’s a superb travel companion indeed. Go Blue snaps, crackles and pops with energy, riffs, melodies, harmonies, lyrics both thoughtful and light-hearted, and you’ll find it impossible to stay in your seat to its funky get-up-and-dance tracks. Give it a spin and let “Mr Wind” rattle your letter box; let “Out of the Frying Pan” move your heart with impressions of Tim’s adventures as a newcomer to Canada; boogie to the intense title track; and strut your stuff to the “The Party” and “Hit That Spot”. You’ll be glad you did. Summer 2016 might have faded, but Go Blue will engage your mind and soul for months to come.” 
Alarik Muller, Neue Musik Zeitschrift, Zurich, Switzerland

“Geordies, the people of northeast England, have a particular liking for songs that tell stories—as anyone who’s ever heard Vin Garbutt or Jez Lowe can attest. Tim Readman, who hails from Newcastle, certainly has a keen nose for a good yarn, and on Out Of The Green the Vancouver-based singer and guitarist offers an eclectic collection of six traditional and four contemporary folksongs from England, Scotland and Ireland. ‘What I’ve always loved … is that you don’t know what’s happening yet you get these incredibly evocative images. It’s getting away from the sequential, pedantic way of telling a story—leaving it to the listeners to piece together for themselves. That’s what I really like in folksong.’ “
Penguin Eggs Magazine, Edmonton, AB, Canada

“Tim Readman and Jennie Bice, both excellent musicians in their own right are well-known in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. They recently collaborated and recorded a CD, titled Out of the Green. A decade after ‘Into the Red’, Tim Readman’s last release under his own name, comes this collection of six traditional and four contemporary folk songs from England, Ireland and Scotland. All of the songs on Out of the Green are folk tales set to music and Tim Readman delivers the lyrics in the clean convincing manner of a true shanachie.”
Celtic Connection, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Tim Readman, originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, has made Vancouver, British Columbia, his adopted home. When not writing reviews for the Canadian folk magazine Penguin Eggs, he is playing gigs with a mixed repertoire of original songs, contemporary stuff from The Beatles to Madonna, and last but not least traditional music from Britain and Ireland…This always makes it enchanting and entertaining to lend an ear!”
FolkWorld, Salzgitter, Germany

“An album of British traditional and modern songs by a Canadian artist is an intriguing prospect. Even more intriguing is Tim Readman’s track record which embraces every influence available between Newcastle and Vancouver and digging deeper you find that Tim is a Geordie born and bred, which explains quite a lot. As well as being a singer, guitarist and songwriter Tim is a producer and journalist and sometime artistic director of CelticFest Vancouver and now the picture is complete.”

“He’s made a huge and positive impact on his adopted hometown and country. His band, Fear Of Drinking, was a much loved staple in the Celtic and folk scene for a good 10 years and he has played and toured with Celtic fiddler Shona Le Mottee for years. He’s opened for and joined with the comedy troupe The Arrogant Worms since they first met in the 90s. It’s quite the eclectic career. He has produced CDs for a number of other folk acts. He’s a regular contributor to the Penguin Eggs roots/folk magazine. He was the top guy at the Celtic Fest for a couple of years and still contributes.”
The Province Newspaper, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“There are a lot of people who play folk music. Tim Readman is folk music … Long before Main Street turned up in any developer’s vision, Tim was a driving force at The SouthHill Candy Shop and his nights at the Montmartre Café are among the foundation stones of live acoustic music in the city … He knows which side he is on and why. He also understands how an artist and their music can bring a room together and make everyone feel welcome”
Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Program Notes, BC, Canada

“Readman sounds a splendid individual, a founder member of Viz comic, ex-member of the Kane Gang, who’s worked backwards via Canada to his British roots – First Rate.”
Folk Roots Magazine, London, England

“Songwriters like Tim Readman and Jez Lowe are worthy continuants of the long tradition of songwriting — often commentary on the hardship and humour of everyday life — that have kept the North East of England vibrant through centuries…The songs reflect his life from childhood, commenting on the political storms of Northern life, and in the voice of an emigrant, especially as an immigrant to Canada. His writing and music prove winners both for immigrants and for native Canadians…His strong personal voice, with commitments to themes of importance, speaks in the same vein as James Keelaghan, Eileen McGann and David Francey, while Tim’s sense of humour stands comparison with that of The Arrogant Worms. Everything from world politics to the celebration of what most people would call junk: that’s Tim! I highly recommend this CD.”
Canadian Folk Music Bulletin, Calgary, AB, Canada

“The former leader of the Vancouver band Fear of Drinking steps into the spotlight with his first solo recording Into the Red featuring 11 original songs…An engaging songwriter with a convincing story to tell. He’s a songwriter with a bright future who will only get better”
Dirty Linen Magazine, Baltimore, MD, USA

“Readman has the vocal facility to go from a slice of life vignette like Home Truths to a lusty Whip Jamboree with ease…a sense of humour is evident throughout In Black and White.”
Dirty Linen Magazine, Baltimore, MD, USA

“Readman’s own songs have an entertaining musicality with an ear to social commentary and conventional themes he pulls from everyday life.”
The Edmonton Journal, Edmonton, AB, Canada

“Enthusiastically serving up spirited traditional and original songs…along with a healthy dose of Tim’s cheeky, often outrageous wit…a satisfying meal…So if you are feeling hungry for excellent, tasty, superbly served music, this will satisfy you fully.”
The Rogue Folk Review, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“A guitarist, singer and songwriter with a large repertoire of varied material and a well-honed sense of humour capable of playing unplugged to a rapt audience in a small folk club or cranking it up and blasting the audience into a dancing frenzy at a folk festival or nightclub.”
Celtic Connection, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Tim Readman has consistently shown himself to be one of the most versatile and innovative musicians on the Canadian and international folk stages, not to mention as a performer with a riotous sense of humour.”
Rogue Folk Review, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Tim Readman has taken a simple route back to his days in northern English folk clubs. No band, just his voice and guitar and a wee bit of tasteful support from some of British Columbia’s finer traditional players. His subject matter runs the gamut from sad truths about love, to the political, to the historical…Into the Red is a collection of original songs that show that master Readman has something going on in the songwriting department…Into the Red is a great step forward in the promising solo career of Tim Readman.”
Penguin Eggs Magazine, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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