Hello, June! Let the summer begin. We’re all looking forward to warmer weather and longer nights.



The Eventually Brothers will soon release their new double length album Love Songs Dark and Bright. It will be available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and all the usual platforms and streaming services. You can get a sneak preview of the whole thing in all its one-hour-and-forty-two-minutes glory here on their Bandcamp page.

Love Songs Dark and Bright is a musical and lyrical potpourri designed to pluck at heartstrings in a variety of ways. From joyful delight to bitter despair, this batch of songs examines just about every aspect of love imaginable. Sunny pop tunes rub shoulders with country-flavoured excursions, while folk ballads that hark back several centuries in mood and structure take their place alongside flat-out rock and roll stormers and story-songs reminiscent of the European cabaret scene. To say it is eclectic would be to understate the variety of musical styles on offer here!


Clancy Dennehy’s artwork will be on exhibition at the wonderful Crucible Gallery in Powell River BC for the month of July 2022. Each Saturday evening during the exhibition there will be a musical, dance or multi-media performance. For July 16th Tim Readman will be performing songs from the two Chronolord albums – The Cuckoo Gene and Time, Space and Other Dimensions – he made with Baltimore MD’s Andy Cooke. You can find out more about Chronolord and hear some of the music here.


At the invitation of Fleur Sweetman, Performing Arts Programming Director at Massey Theatre Society at 8th Avenue and 8th Street in New Westminster, Tim has been participating in this project as part of Community Tuesdays. Fleur and her team offered space in the music and rehearsal studios at the theatre to local artists. Tim decided to use the space as a venue for writing new songs some of which will appear on album projects with co-writers in Baltimore (Chronolord), England (The Blintz Band) and Zurich (The Eventually Brothers and The Exiles).

In late May we had a great night sharing with and performing for other artists at Eighth and Eight – the four residency groups and the community nights participants have wonderful projects on the go. Music, dance, visual art, multi media and so much more! The local artists involved are:
– Roots Peruvian Dancers
– Tim Readman, singer-songwriter
– Quayside Voices, a capella vocal group
– Garden Gals, community arts group
The project will continue for several more weeks having been extended from its original 4 week stint.

There are also four residency groups:
– Woman of the Cape: A play by Elaine Ávila about women from The Azores who continue to wear the Portuguese form of the burqa. 
– Live Wires: A performance combining choreography and movement by Rachel Helten, live original music from Devon More and projection media from digital artist, Ezequiel Peralta.  
– Art Cube: A performance art installation by filmmaker and digital media artist Yunuen Perez Vertti, photographer Grant Withers, and dancer Silene Razo. 
– Bending: This work co-composes original music with tap dance and double bass featuring double bassist Noah Gotfrit and dancer Alexandra Clancy.

Thank you to Kim Regala at Eight and Eighth for the photos.






There’s a new video for All in the Family, a track from the children’s album Rockaroladoo by The Tutti-Frutti Funhouse Band which features Tim on guitars and vocals. It’s a light-hearted appreciation of family members and their assorted eccentricities. The video features water colour illustrations by Canadian artist Elise Wahlstrom (used by permission). You can see it here.


There’s a new video on YouTube for a new song by The Exiles called The Toast of Newcastle Now. In the song a Newcastle United supporter tells the story of a lifelong fan (Grandad) whose passion for the club is restored thanks to the impact of new manager Eddie Howe mid-way through the 2021-2022 season and the subsequent transformation of the team’s performance. You can see it here.


Congratulations to two of our pals who won Junos (Canada’s Grammy) at the recent awards show. Tim’s former Fear of Drinking bandmate Allison Russell won ‘Contemporary roots album of the year’ for her debut solo album Outside Child.

Maria Dunn, with whom Tim performed at various shows and festivals over the years won ‘Traditional roots album of the year’ with Joyful Banner Blazing – produced by another of Tim’s musical collaborators Shannon Johnson. They both richly deserve their award!