Welcome to 2023 and all the very best from Tim Readman, Tristan Fabriani and all the crew at Big City Productions.


The Exiles is a collaboration between Tim and lyricist Alan Millen. They are both lifelong supporters of Newcastle United. They are currently working on a new album, slated for release in May 2023. They’ve recorded three previous albums that commemorate various memorable moments and personalities in Newcastle United history – The First Eleven (And Three on the Bench) (2003), …And 50,000 In The Stands (2007) and At St. James’ Park (2012).


Click on the song titles to link to the videos – all of which will be on the upcoming Exiles album.

There That Day celebrates a selection of memorable goals scored by Newcastle United players between 1992 and 2022. Illustrations by artist Ronnie Pattison evoke the match-day atmosphere at St. James’ Park.

Home Debut tells the story of that memorable first ever visit to SJP from the point of view of a youngster attending with his/her dad.

The Proudest Magpie is a tribute to Peter Anderson, the Newcastle United “mascot” of the 1940s and 1950s. The song and video were created in consultation with his current-day family.

Dream Big is a tale about a young Newcastle United supporter who envisions himself one day starring for his hometown club, especially after he has brand new boots and a NUFC replica shirt to impress his mates with.


We got some great reviews for The 12 Hits of Christmas. There’s some quotes below as well as links to the full articles. Remember – it’s never too early to prepare for next Christmas! Big City Productions honcho, Tristan Fabriani, always buys his cards and wrapping paper on Boxing Day!

“From the progressive rock harmonies of the opener Festive Prelude/The Light Will Return and folk traditions of Santa’s Sleigh Shanty to dance pop of In Time or Winter or Robot Rudolph’s twisted beats, the dozen tunes will be welcome at gatherings where everyone might be ready to roast every version of Jingle Bell Rock alongside the chestnuts on the open fire.” The Vancouver Sun – full review is here.

“Once you “get it” you can appreciate how “The Light Will Return” credibly mimics the Celtic pop vibe of AfroCelt Sound System; how “Santa’s Sleigh Shanty” is, as the title suggests, a work song for elves in a style that was popularized last year by TikTok; how “Christmas Soul” is a riff on Motown; and how “In Time of Winter” is the guys’ attempt at doing a holiday number in the style of Depeche Mode or A-ha… Taken together, the album has a real tongue in cheek sense of humour about it, while still embodying the core values of the holidays. And it’s definitely NOT your typical Christmas album.” Roots Music Canada – full review is here.

 “This is an album in which the joy is palpable, is rose cheeked and enraptured by the season. The 12 Hits Of Christmas is a festive treat, with no sign of the excess and fluff that corners everything else. Fun, imaginative, a desire for entertaining, a sharp eye to explore beyond the map of expectancy; this is a true Christmas gift and it is a hit.” Liverpool Sound and Vision – full review is here.


Lioness Day is a tribute song in honour of the England Women’s National Football team (aka The Lionesses), the champions of Europe. The song was written by Alan Millen and Tim Readman and recorded by Tim Readman and Andy Cooke shortly after the tournament ended in the summer of 2022. The accompanying illustrations are by Macy Jane Wells. The video is here.


Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces is the name given to the arts and community spaces at Massey Theatre, New Westminster, BC, on the corner of 8th Avenue and Eighth Street. Tim has resumed his songwriting residency there, which continues into the spring of 2023. The project also involves performances at public events at Eighth & Eight and other forms of community engagement such as a delivering songwriting workshops and teaching sessions.


Here’s a Roots Music Canada review that Tim wrote of a rather excellent new album by two fine Canadian musicians – Fiddle Tunes by Elise Boeur and Adam Iredale-Gray. It’s a very good album – well worth checking out.


Tim hosted the successful ‘Tim Readman and Musical Friends’ series at Montmartre Cafe on Vancouver’s Main Street for 15 years, which won the Georgia Straight songwriter venue of the year. This proved to be a labour of love and resulted in imaginative collaborations with his fellow musicians and the continued emergence of promising new talent. Many performers including Allison Russell (Po Girl, Birds of Chicago etc.), Old Man Luedeke, Lydia Hol, Cleia, Norah Rendell (The Outside Track), Karla Mundy, The No Shit Shirleys, Jocelyn Pettit, Thereafter and Ché Aimée Dorval (Casualties of Cool, Devin Townsend) honed their chops there. Since then Ché has gone from strength to strength as a singer, songwriter and live artist. You can read a review of her new song “Loveless” and see the accompanying video in  this piece by Mike Usinger from The Georgia Straight. It’s well worth a look!


Tim’s former Fear of Drinking bandmate and musical collaborator, Allison Russell, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live in January, performing a duet on ‘Prodigal Daughter’ with Aoife O’Donovan. Check out her stellar performance here.