The Exiles

The Exiles The Exiles is a collaboration between Tim and lyricist Alan Millen. They are both lifelong supporters of Newcastle United. They are working on a new album, currently slated for release in May 2023. [...]

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ChronolordChronolord is a collaboration between Tim and Baltimore MD’s Andy Cooke. They've recorded two albums of prog-rock inspired songs - The Cuckoo Gene (2020) and Time, Space and Other Dimensions (2021). Tim and Andy also do production [...]


Tim Readman & Prairie Wolfe

Tim Readman and Prairie Wolfe Tim and Prairie recently re-united after a long hiatus on Prairie's return to Vancouver from the USA. Prairie got her fiddling start over 20 years ago, inspired by Canadian/Metis fiddler [...]

Tim Readman & Prairie Wolfe2022-10-02T23:11:41+00:00
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