Halifax Disaster – Song for Kate and Anthony

There was a nice write up in Halifax’s Chronicle Herald about Tim and Alan Millen’s song about the Halifax Disaster – ‘Song for Kate and Anthony’.

As previously reported, it is a “love among the ruins” tale, with lyrics by Alan Millen.
 Haunting love song tells tale of explosion
Two Canadian artists have released a haunting song about the Halifax Explosion for its centenary, told through the eyes of two lovers.
 Titled Song for Kate and Anthony, the melody is set to a YouTube montage of black-and-white photos including ships in Halifax harbour, First World War soldiers fighting in muddy trenches a huge cloud of smoke from the explosion and its aftermath, and rows of coffins and ruined buildings.

“In our effort to commemorate the tragedy we have incorporated the historical facts into a story of love among the ruins, involving a nurse and gravedigger whose romance flowers in the aftermath of the tragedy,” said lyricist Alan Millen in an email to The Chronicle Herald. 
Song For Kate And Anthony was written and recorded in Vancouver earlier this year by Millen and musician Tim Readman. You can read the full article here:

The YouTube video was put together using public domain photos of the 1917 explosion and First World War.