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There’s also lots of free music on this site – please visit our Archives pages to hear tunes by Fear of Drinking, Kavita, Watt Government and more!

Go Blue

The songs on Go Blue are a mix of old and new, but all are previously unrecorded. They’d been biding their time in a large pile of demos in varying degrees of roughness. We’ll leave it to you and the critics to describe the musical style but the official description here at Big City is ‘extremely varied’.

Out of the Green

A collection of six traditional and four contemporary folk songs from England, Ireland and Scotland featuring acoustic guitar, vocals, fiddle, accordion, bodhran, mandola,’cello, bass, harmonium and hammered dulcimer. There’s everything here from rousing drinking songs, to murder ballads; from sad laments to wickedly amusing folk tales. “Out of the Green came out of the blue really. After ten years of thinking about songs to record, it took ten minutes to make up my mind, ten days to record it all and ten weeks to get the record out!”

Into the Red

This recording features Geoffrey Kelly (Spirit of the West, Paperboys), Shona Le Mottee (Lord of the Dance, Paperboys, Fear of Drinking), Amy Stephen (Mad Pudding, Jou Tou), Tom Neville (Fear of Drinking, James Keelaghan), Jennie Bice (Prydwen, Fear of Drinking) and James Ong (Spygirl). “His strong personal voice, with commitments to themes of importance, speaks in the same vein as James Keelaghan, Eileen McGann and David Francey, while Tim’s sense of humour stands comparison with that of The Arrogant Worms.”

In Black & White

“Recorded live, it captures the energy, cheeky wit, musicality, fun and devil-may-care attitude which is typical of a Readman performance…it’s a party!”
Scene Magazine, London
This recording features Allison Russell now performing with Be Good Tanyas stablemates Po’ Girl.

One Morning When I Went to Work…

Fear of Drinking was formed with Gerard Kerr in Vancouver around 1989. We played for fun at a few parties and discovered we both had songs from our respective homelands (North East of England and New Zealand’s South Island) that we enjoyed playing together…mainly folk songs about coal, sheep and love gone bad. The duo expanded with the addition of Jane Gowan on accordion and vocals, to round out our acoustic guitars and vocals.

The 1st Eleven

North East English Folk Music with a few surprises. Songs by 2 exiled Geordies about heroes…and legendary games. On Tyneside or in the far corners of the globe this will bring good cheer. “an affectionate and nostalgic tribute…rather than the usual ‘football song’ fare…an excellent piece of work.” TYNE TALK

…and 50,000 in the Stands

Diverse eclectic mix of pop, folk, rock, rap ,ska and disco songs for Newcastle United fans. Moments in the history of Newcastle United, ranging from the pre-war days of the legendary Hughie Gallacher to the present.

…At St. James’ Park

17 tracks spanning a century of Newcastle United history in a wide variety of styles (pop, rock, folk, dance etc.etc.)that commemorate various memorable moments and personalities, all viewed through the eyes of lifelong fans.

Celebrate The Beatles

Celebrate The Beatles is a 3 song mini CD by Newcastle Road. The songs are all original Tim Readman /Alan Millen compositions performed by Tim and Bill Buckingham in the style of the Fab Four. They have garnered critical praise and airplay especially in the UK. Celebrate The Beatles and Wander Along take the listener on a musical journey to the Beatles’ hometown and also acknowledge Liverpool’s annual Beatle Week Festival. Christmas with The Beatles is for everyone who ever looked forward to getting a Beatles album from Santa. Also featured are all 3 tracks without any lead vocals, so that you can learn the words and then grab your sister’s hairbrush and sing along in front of your bedroom mirror until your little heart is content! You’ll find, on reflection, that it is a very good way to spend an evening at home. Or even at someone else’s.

Blue Suburban Skies

These eight songs celebrate moments treasured by every Beatles fan. They will strike a chord with Beatlemaniacs everywhere! Splendid time, guaranteed!
by Newcastle Road

Under the Influence

The third and final incarnation of this project is a true concept album of 14 original songs by, for and about fans of The Beatles.
by Newcastle Road

All Over the Map

Brit Pop meets Americana in Canada. Acoustic rock, electric folk, rootsy pop, acoustic and electric guitars, accordions, banjo, mandolins, bass, percussion and tons of vocal harmonies.

Run Geordie Run

Two songs written and recorded especially to support Geordie Lad, Mark Allison, as he runs 3100 miles across the USA in 100 days during the Summer of 2011. All profits made are in aid of St Benedict’s Hospice and The Children’s Foundation.

There’s also lots of free music on this site – please visit our Archives pages to hear tunes by Fear of Drinking, Kavita, Watt Government and more!