We’re happy to tell you that the new Exiles album is now available.


The new album from The Exiles – ‘Wor Flags Waving’ is out now. Official release date was May 1st 2023. This is the fourth release and is another collection of songs about various memorable moments and personalities in Newcastle United history. The Exiles is a collaboration between Tim and lyricist Alan Millen. 

You can find the album here:


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The release of this fresh batch of songs by The Exiles coincides with the resurgence of Newcastle United as a force to be reckoned with in the Premier League. As the album title suggests, pride has returned to the club and its massive legion of supporters worldwide, and The Exiles are here to bear witness in song. The title track sums up the exhilaration of qualifying for a Wembley Final after a 24-year interlude, which particularly demanded acknowledgement. Other songs, such as Back on Track and The Toast of Newcastle Now, also reflect the return of optimism and belief under the stewardship of Eddie Howe. As on our previous releases, we also explore names and games from the past. The focus throughout is the supporters’ perspective: from the club mascot of the 1950s, to a young fan attending his first match with his dad; from the fun of French Day at St. James’ Park in 2013, to travelling the length and breadth of England to cheer on the team. This is music by fans, for fans and about fans, linking the past, present and future of our beloved Newcastle United. 

The songs are:

The Proudest Magpie 

The Toast of Newcastle Now 

There That Day 

Toon Spirit 2017 

Wor Flags 

Back on Track 

Dream Big 

Fabulous Fabian Schär 

French Day 

Home Debut 

Blaydon Dreaming 

All songs were written by Alan Millen and Tim Readman except Blaydon Dreaming which uses the melody of The Blaydon Races by Geordie Ridley (Public Domain), rearranged by Tim Readman.


Tim’s new solo album, which Andy Cooke (Dataloaf/Chronolord) will be producing, is going to be featuring songs written at Eighth and Eight studios in the Massey Theatre at New Westminster. Tim continues with his songwriting residency at the venue, which is part of ‘Community Nights’ where artists have the opportunity to build their creative projects and hone their artistic skills in a supportive, barrier-free environment.


Tim had just launched a new Songwriting and Music Production Service with his co-producer and songwriting partner Andy Cooke. Full details are available here.

There’s lots of reasons to write a song and we can help you do just that. 

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