For those of you who didn’t hear the party – which was only eclipsed by the celebrations for England reaching the World Cup semi-finals – Tim retired on June 29th 2018 from his job as Executive Director of Stroke Recovery Association of BC. He is now accepting new engagements of a personal and musical nature. Already there’s been some interest culminating in these July dates.

Thursday July 19th – Open Air Show and BBQ at ‘The Cabin’ in Peace Arch Provincial Park
11 am to 1 pm – with Hugh Ellenwood on Fiddle.

Friday to Sunday July 20-22 – Mission Folk Music Festival
Tim will be MC-ing Main Stage on Saturday 21st and playing a concert on on Sunday 22nd at noon.
Staged in one of BC’s loveliest parks, overlooking the Fraser River, the Mission Folk Music Festival presents a festival renowned for its mix of accessibility and easy-going comfort, affordability and small-town friendliness, shaded day stages and some of the finest folk, world, roots, blues and brilliantly “un-categorizable” music from across Canada and around the world. This year’s line-up includes James Keelaghan, Pharis and Jason Romero, Twin Bandit and David Francey.


How to Hear and Buy Live in Zurich

The CD Baby page is ready for Fear of Drinking: Live in Zurich.
The permanent web address is…

There’s a page where you can listen to the tracks too here:

Have fun!

Live in Zurich Airplay

We’ve been getting good airplay on dozens of shows, courtesy of all the DJs on the FolkDJ listserv, including stations in Albany NY, Baton Rouge LA, Winnipeg MB, Regina SK, Los Angeles CA, Davis CA and, of course, Zurich CH. 
If you want to see where it is being spun just use the handy search box at
Long time Fear of Drinking supporter Len Holton featured the album on his radio program From Albion And Beyond airing on KUAR FM89. You can hear it here: – Len says “Sets 1 & 3 close with Canada’s excellent Fear of Drinking captured live in Zurich.” The Mining Rant is at 12.19 and Flanagan is at 40.50. The rest of the show is dead good as well 🙂

Fear of Drinking: Live in Zurich Review

There was an Englishman, a New Zealander and several Canadians who met in Vancouver and formed a band. While I don’t altogether approve of their name, Fear Of Drinking were a pretty good band in the mould of The Pogues. They officially stopped live appearances in 2000 and Live In Zurich was recorded during their 1999 tour and thought lost until the mislabeled master tape turned up.
The Englishman is Tim Readman from County Durham who never lost his accent – at least on stage – and the New Zealander was his number two, Gerard Kerr. Revellie Nixon played drums, Brendan Mooney played bass and fiddlers Tom Neville and Victor Smith did the melodic stuff.
The set opens with ‘Blackleg Miner’ which segues into ‘Aftermath (The Mining Rant)’ a viciously political song by Readman – he returns to the same topic later with ‘The Seaham Song’. Gerard’s songs are rather less confrontational and I’m sorry I don’t know the story behind ‘Flanagan’ but he also does something unheard of; slowing down ‘The Rocky Road To Dublin’, at least for the first verse. The other songs are crowd-pleasing stomp-alongs, ‘Botany Bay’, ‘I’ll Tell Me Ma’ and ‘New York Girls’.
The only problem with this album is that it’s too short – I’m guessing from available information that it was a festival set – so the nine tracks here are probably all there was. It’s good to have Live In Zurich though as the band’s other albums are largely unavailable.

Dai Jeffries

You can read the whole thing here:

Live in Zurich Photos
We got a tremendous response to our request for fans to send snaps of the cover of Go Blue from around the world for us to post on social media. The fandom (especially the Swiss) have taken it upon themselves to send photos in of Live in Zurich. So we’ve posted a selection below for your pleasure. Thanks everyone for sending them in!

#1 Yvonne Brunner says “It goes so well with chocolate!”

#2 Ueli Brunner from Chuchichäschtli studio in Zurich and his pals were loving it when that header went in against Brazil!

#3 Swiss-German comedian Bruno Büezer says this is the nearest he can get to a view of his beloved Zurich while he is stuck in rehearsal for his upcoming tour of Europe. Glad to be of service mate! Sorry about Sweden but we got ’em for ya!

#4 The Swiss fans were happy with their win over Serbia and with the new Live in Zurich Fear of Drinking CD -seen in its natural habitat with Alan Millen!

#5 Alarik Muller siad ” You never know who might try to steal your new Fear of Drinking CD so it’s best to keep it somewhere safe!!!”

#6 Ueli says-we couldn’t get past the Swedes-hope you can!

#7 Yvonne says “Especially you-know-what!”

#8 The back of what we are now referring to at Big City Towers as ‘LiZ’. It’s hot stuff according to our Mexican friends at Maizal on Main St. in Vancouver BC– muy caliente! This was taken the day of their win against Germany.