June 2017 Update

Halifax Disaster – ‘Song for Kate and Anthony’
Tim is back in the studio in late June with Bill Buckingham, at Palace Studios in East Vancouver, to record an Alan Millen song to commemorate the Halifax Disaster called ‘Song for Kate and Anthony’. In case you aren’t familiar with the story:
On the morning of December 6, 1917, two passenger trains en route to the port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia were stopped in response to a brief, cryptic telegraph message sent from Halifax station: “Munition ships on fire. Making for Pier 6. Goodbye.” The ship described in the message was the French munitions ship Mont-Blanc, which was adrift in Halifax harbor, burning, and loaded with almost 2,700 tonnes of explosives intended for use in the first world war which was then raging in Europe.
On both sides of the harbor, hundreds of onlookers who were unaware of the danger had gathered on the shores to watch the spectacular fire. The burning ship slowly drifted into the pier on the west side, where its flames spread onto land. The fire department arrived in their first motorized fire engine, and began rolling out the hoses in an attempt to douse the flames, but their efforts proved futile. Within minutes, the Mont-Blanc’s highly explosive cargo of TNT, picric acid, and benzol fuel finally reached a tipping point, and the ship exploded in a ball of fire and energy more powerful than any man-made explosion before it.
All told, about 2,000 men, women, and children were killed that day, and some 9,000 injured. Makeshift mortuaries were left with the grim duty of processing bodies, which arrived by the dozens. Trains came and went from the city, bringing in men and women to help in the rescue efforts, and hauling away the dead, injured, and homeless. Dartmouth was less hard-hit, but far from spared. Approximately one hundred souls died there, and many of its buildings were damaged by the blast.
You can read more here: https://www.damninteresting.com/the-halifax-disaster/

Tim is playing at Harrison Festival of the Arts July 10th and Mission Folk Music Festival July 21-23. He is also starting a series of musical pub nights at the Red Dragon on Main Street. Entrance to the pub is via the back alley behind The Cambrian Hall, 215 East 17th Avenue, Vancouver. We had a great night June 16th with pub food, pub quiz and some very funny heckling! We are doing it all again on Sept 29th-so don’t miss it! Save the date!
Details of all gigs are here: http://timreadman.com/upcoming-shows/

May 2017 … and We are Still Going Blue
We continue to get a tremendous response to our request for fans to send snaps of themselves with the cover of Go Blue for us to post on social media. Some of the places we have featured on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are: Steveston Village, BC; Madrid, Spain; Invercargill, New Zealand; Vancouver, BC; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Whistler, BC, Newcastle upon Tyne, England; Lorien, France and Basle, Switzerland. There’s a new selection of photos below for your pleasure. As long as you keep sending the photos we’ll keep posting them!

Missing Vin
So sorry to lose our great friend and mentor Vin Garrett. Much has been written since his untimely death all of which serves to reinforce his significance as musician, writer, entertainer and true gent! Vin’s funeral was Friday June 15th. May he rest in peace. Much love.

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