Go Blue

Go Blue was recorded in 2015 and 2016 at East Vancouver’s Palace Studios, with Bill Buckingham in the engineer’s chair. It was Tim’s first solo CD since 2001’s Into the Red. There are 13 tracks on the album.

We’ll leave it to you and the critics to describe the musical style but the official description here at Big City is ‘extremely varied’.

You can read reviews of Go Blue by following this link.

Tim wrote all of the songs, played all the guitars, sang all the lead and harmony vocals and did some of the bass tracks, and Bill did everything else (except for a guest appearance by John Webster on organ – if he’s good enough for Aerosmith, he’s good enough for us). The songs are a mix of old and new but all are previously unrecorded. They’d been languishing in a large pile of demos of varying degrees of roughness biding their time.

There’s not much folk or Celtic music in any of this collection but it seemed time for a change, so now they see the light. The idea of the album is an autobiographical-ish collection of songs – kind of the musical story of Tim’s life from leaving Newcastle in the late 80s up to about the mid-noughties (maybe 007) with a focus on emigration, immigration, love gone bad, hopes, dreams and dancing. However the more discerning among you (who may have read more than your fair share of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke and listened to a LOT of Steely Dan) might pick up the science fiction story arc, which reveals itself with closer examination of the lyrics. Hence the very sporty looking space cruiser on the cover. You didn’t think it got there by accident did ya!?

Here’s some more fun for you:

Go Blue film trailers – from an exclusive interview with Tristan Fabriani – Tim talks about Go Blue.