Eighth and Eight – Community Tuesdays

Tim was invited by Fleur Sweetman, Performing Arts Programming Director at the Massey Theatre at 8th Avenue and 8th Street in New Westminster, to be part of this project, which is now reaching the end of its second year. Fleur and her team – Kim Regala (recently departed to take a new position elsewhere) and Qiuli Wu (current project manager) –  offered space in the music and rehearsal studios at the theatre to local artists and Tim was delighted to be asked to participate. He has been using the space as a venue for writing new songs – some of which have already appeared on album projects with Tim Readman and Andy Cooke, The Exiles and The Eventually Brothers. He is now recording a solo album of recent songs from the sessions under the working title of ‘Songs from Eighth and Eight’, which is being produced by Andy Cooke. The project also involves performances at public events at Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces and other forms of community engagement such as a delivering songwriting workshops and teaching sessions.