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What’s Going On?

If you want to know about the musical projects that Tim is currently involved with and what they are all about, then you’re in the right place. We’ll be regularly updating this section as projects come and go. Updates and chat and other blog-style postings are to be found in the News section of this website. Information about recordings by those mentioned below and other acts Tim works with can be found on the Discography page.

Tim Readman and Prairie Wolfe

Tim and Prairie recently re-united after a long hiatus on Prairie’s return to Vancouver from the USA. Prairie got her fiddling start over 20 years ago, inspired by Canadian/Metis fiddler Anne Lederman. She went on to other styles of fiddle, including Scottish, Irish, Quebecois, and Cape Breton.They are currently performing folk songs and Celtic fiddle tunes together at venues in and around Vancouver and further afield, when the opportunity arises.

Eighth and Eight – Community Tuesdays

Tim was invited by Fleur Sweetman, Performing Arts Programming Director at the Massey Theatre at 8th Avenue and 8th Street in New Westminster, to be part of this project, which is now entering its second year. Fleur and her team – Kim Regala and Qiuli Wu –  offered space in the music and rehearsal studios at the theatre to local artists and Tim was delighted to be asked to participate. He has been using the space as a venue for writing new songs – some of which will appear on album projects with co-writers. He also has plans to release a solo album from the sessions under the working title of ‘8 from Eighth and Eight’. The project also involves performances at public events at Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces and other forms of community engagement such as a delivering songwriting workshops and teaching sessions.


Chronolord is a collaboration between Tim and Baltimore MD’s Andy Cooke. They’ve recorded two albums of prog-rock inspired songs – The Cuckoo Gene (2020) and Time, Space and Other Dimensions (2021). Tim and Andy also do production work together for The Exiles and The Eventually Brothers and in 2022 they released The 12 Hits of Christmas which will become an annual event! You can find out more about Chronolord here.

The Exiles

The Exiles is a collaboration between Tim and lyricist Alan Millen. They are both lifelong supporters of Newcastle United. They have recently completed a new album called Wor Flags Waving, slated for release on July 14th 2023. They’ve recorded three previous albums that commemorate various memorable moments and personalities in Newcastle United history – The First Eleven (And Three on the Bench) (2003), …And 50,000 In The Stands (2007) and At St. James’ Park (2012). You can find videos to several of the songs here. You can find the Exiles albums here.


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