Tim Readman Solo

Over the years Tim has developed a solo act that incorporates all of the various musical directions he has taken. Since most of his work in recent years has been in the Celtic and folk music realms, his repertoire has been mainly focused on Irish, Scottish and English folk songs as well as his own material in that vein. He does a pretty wide variety of gigs, so he also gets to play a lot of other kinds of material, from original songs to covers by artists such as The Beatles, Steely Dan, Chuck Berry, and Lindisfarne. “My favourite gigs are the ones where people come to listen, to join in and to be entertained. I like to tell the stories behind the songs and throw in a few jokes and a bit of daft patter” he says.
He has recorded one solo CD of his own songs called Into the Red and has quite a few songs ready to be recorded which he intends to start working on soon for another release. “Meanwhile I have recorded Into the Green-a CD of mainly traditional British and Irish songs, and projects for The Exiles (Newcastle United) and Newcastle Road (Celebrate the Beatles). I also currently¬†perform and write with a few other people and bands” – click here for more information.
For DVD clips go here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Orangefeller?feature=guide