Tim Readman and Jennie Bice

Fiddle player/vocalist Jennie Bice came to Vancouver in search of players driven enough to go the speed she wanted, and bold enough to try some of her ideas. Bice’s various recordings and musical history span many genres including Celtic, roots, jazz, blues, rock, Cajun and classical which account for her unique playing style. You may have already seen her performances with Prydwen, Mad Pudding, Back Door Slam and Kat Wahamaa, amongst others, and if you have, you’ll know she really lights up a stage! Jennie first played with Tim in Fear of Drinking in 1999 and has since appeared with him in many line-ups, as well as playing on his CD, Into the Red. Tim also guested with Jennie’s band Prydwen. Their almost annual appearances on the Main Stage at Mission Folk Festival have become a popular feature of this fabulous musical gathering. When Jennie and Tim perform together, the sparks fly!
For DVD clips go here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Orangefeller?feature=guide

…and here’s a touch of finale magic from the Mission Folk Festival with Tom Paxton…