Tim Readman and Kate Reid

OK…well we are not really a band. I first heard Kate’s songs when I was a judge for the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Emerging Talent category. She blew me away. There’s more about Kate, including my interview with her for Penguin Eggs Magazine (on her Press page) here- http://www.katereid.net
I went to see her play one night in Vancouver at Rhizome Cafe and I was the only guy in the audience. As usual we had a good laugh about it. Then I went home and wrote The Only Man (With the Lesbians) as a tongue in cheek reply to Kate’s song The Only Dyke at the Open Mic. Then we made this video together which was produced by the students of the FASTTRACK video & film production course at Columbia Academy. We keep talking about doing some gigs together. You’ll be the first to know if we do!