The Eventually Brothers

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I stole the name from Jed Grimes, it has to be said. The Eventually Brothers are songwriter, guitarist, singer and mandolin player, Craig McKerron and me. We met a few days after I emigrated to Canada from Newcastle upon Tyne, England in 1987. I answered Craig’s ad in the Vancouver ‘what’s on’ guide, The Georgia Straight. He was looking for another guitarist to play with who was into Mark Knopfler and Ry Cooder so I went to his place and we jammed together. We’ve never stopped playing music and hanging out since. We never played in any bands together- he spent time in the Rhythm Method, The Flatland Six, The Barley Brothers and Slowdrag, mainly playing country blues, bluegrass and other North American roots music while I ploughed a more pop music and later, a Celtic influenced furrow. We played together mostly at the kitchen table, sometimes at open stages and each other’s gigs, often at parties and always for fun. And we did have a lot of that. Very occasionally we’d do a proper gig together, in the early days along with Jane Gowan and Koralee Tonack who now play together in Spygirl. Until it closed in 2012, you could often see us together at Montmartre Café on Vancouver’s Main Street. In 2008 we recorded a CD of songs written by lyricist Alan Millen and me called All Over The Map. We always knew we’d do something…eventually!