Click below to hear Time of Life (Readman/Singh/Kwan)

[audio:http://timreadman.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/09-Time-Of-Life.mp3|titles=09 Time Of Life]

I met singer and songwriter Kavita Singh in a North Vancouver recording studio in 1990. At the time I was getting more and more into the emerging dance music scene and she was listening to a lot of house music. We soon discovered we had a mutual love of artists such as Massive Attack, Inner City, Lisa Stansfield and Coldcut. We started to get together to write songs and then teamed upwith Jimmy Kwan, now owner of Creativ Studios who did all the programming and playing. We then got to know the guys from PoolWest, the DJ dance pool in Vancouver, Robyn and Lefty (later to feature on Z95.3’s Saturday Night extended mix dance music show as Swift and Lefty). Their sound guy, Chris Von Hellerman, engineered our first recording session which produced 2 songs that featured on Kavita’s debut release-Living in My Shell b/w  Anticipation.  I put this out on the Big City label as  a 12″ single and went off to Toronto where I managed to get it spun in quite a few clubs. We serviced club DJs throughout Canada and the USA as well as  the dance music press and garnered some great reviews. We continued to write and record in the studio (Soul Sauce Studio) which Jimmy and I built in his converted garage. We played some live gigs and hung out at clubs a lot. Kavita appeared with MC Hammer and a bunch of Canadian dance hopefuls at MusicWest in 1992. It was really hard to get anything going in Vancouver in those days because the scene for dance music just wasn’t there. Kavita decided to go and live in London, England where she continues to write and record.
Her recent bio says: “A Canadian who is now based in London, Kavita has been building a consistent following as a singer/songwriter over the past decade. Having worked with the likes of Nitin Sawhney, Badmarsh and Shri and others, her most well-known collaborations are in the jazzy house genre with Flipside records and producer Bettina Costanzo. Their most well known collaboration is ‘Superficial’, in which Kavita is the vocalist/co-songwriter.”
To hear some of her recent material go here http://www.myspace.com/keepingitdeep