Fear of Drinking

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Fear of Drinking was formed when I met this Kiwi bloke, Gerard Kerr, in Vancouver BC around 1989. We played together for fun at a few parties and discovered we both had songs from our respective homelands (North East of England and New Zealand’s South Island) that we enjoyed playing together…mainly folk songs about coal, sheep and love gone bad. The duo expanded into a trio with the addition of Jane Gowan on accordion and vocals, to round out our acoustic guitars and vocals. We recorded two cassettes and a CD and built up a reputation for humour and harmony and songs with a hard political edge. Our energetic live act became very popular and we played folk clubs, pubs and folk festivals across Canada. We also got solid radio play all across the folk show airwaves Jane quit the band in 1996 just after One Morning When I Went to Work was recorded. Over the years we were joined by various musicians including Tom Neville on fiddle, mandolin and bass, and Victor Smith on fiddle, whistles, flute and all sorts of other things. Gerard decided to leave the band in around 1998, so I joined forces with Allison Russell who I had been performing with already as a duo. Allison and I recorded In Black and White under the name Tim Readman and Fear of Drinking. It featured Shona Le Mottee on fiddle, Brendan Rideout on bass, Revelee Nixon on percussion and Amy Stephen on accordion and whistle. Allison and I toured a lot in Southern Ontario and the Mid-West. We were joined on those dates by fiddler Terry Riddoch. Jennie Bice also played with us for a few tours on fiddle. Eventually after months of incessant gigging Allison and Tim decided to part ways in 2000. She went on to form Po’ Girl while I continued as a solo artist as well as getting into several other projects described elsewhere on this website.

The song is the 1999 version recorded live by Derek Bird for CBC radio at the Kitsilano Showboat, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Soundtrack-Tim: guitar and vocals; Gerard Kerr: guitar and vocals; Revelee Nixon: percussion; Brendan Rideout: bass; Tom Neville: fiddle; Victor Smith: whistle.
Video features Mini Driver, Tim Readman, Revelee Nixon, Brendan Rideout, Scott Harker, Dave Alexander, Allison Russell and a cast of thousands. Full credits are to be found on the video over the outro.

This video was made to promote the release of Tim Readman and Fear of Drinking’s live CD ‘In Black and White’ featuring Tim: guitar and vocals, Allison Russell bodhran and vocals, Revelee Nixon: percussion and vocals, Brendan Rideout: bass and vocals, Shona Le Mottee: fiddle, Amy Stephen: whistle and accordion. It is a spoof on The Blair Witch Project movie and the accompanying promo, which parodied that used to promote the aforementioned movie, read “In 1999 six musicians disappeared into a pub. Months later their new CD was found”. It was filmed by Clancy Dennehy and featured Tim and Allison running around in the dark one night in Stanley Park.

A performance of a 19th century protest song from the coalfields of Northumberland for the Canadian nation-wide Vision Television program, Let’s Sing Again. What makes it so surreal is that this is a religious TV channel and the show is a wholesome family show. Why they asked for that song, with its obviously violent lyrics against scabs and strikebreakers, is beyond me. I kept asking them, “Are you sure this is the song you want us to do?” Having to teach the audience the chorus, and then watching them all sing the threatening lyrics as if it was Mary Had a Little Lamb, ranks as one of the strangest experiences I have ever had! I missed out the bizarre intro with host Louise Rose and the second song which had us leading a version of My Grandfathers Clock. One day, if you are all good we’ll post that too. In the meanwhile let’s sing again. 1,2,3,4…ha ha ha ha!!!