We are delighted to share our new video trailer, courtesy of Darrion Kerr, to promote Fear of Drinking: Live in Zurich featuring Tim Readman, Gerard Kerr and Bill Buckingham. The trailer features scintillating action scenes from the hallowed halls of Mr. Buckingham’s Palace Studios, where Live in Zurich was lovingly coaxed into its full glory, and made ready to be digitally preserved for your delectation. It also features sound bytes of the songs from the album.

Just in case you have not had the chance to hear the album yet, you can do that right now by following this link.





Live in Zurich: Reviews

We delighted that long-time Fear of Drinking supporter and top journalist Stuart Derdeyn penned a positive review of Fear of Drinking: Live in Zurich for the Vancouver Sun. 

Stuart says:

“It’s pretty obvious from the opening stomp of Blackleg Miner why the band chose to release this performance. It’s an immaculate recording, with all the instruments coming through super clear and the harmony vocals right in you ears. This band is incredibly tight … Great performance from a band whose brand of fun and music is missed.”

… and we all agree!

We were even more thrilled to see that he used our Blair Witch Project movie trailer spoof in the online version. We hadn’t see that one for ages. It was shot by Clancy Dennehy – Big City’s trusty photographer and videographer – for promoting In Black and White, the Tim Readman and Fear of Drinking live CD from 1999. 

We were equally pleased that our old pal Catholine Butler and Fear of Drinking fan gave the album a full-page spread in the Celtic Connection newspaper. You can see it here on Page 5.

Catholine says:

“There are nine tracks on Live in Zurich with a mixture of traditional music and original songs, and it’s a very good and lively listen.”

… and we all agree!

Mission to Mission Video Mystery Solved!

Well, the whole time we were at the excellent Mission Folk Music Festival we saw sound and video man Joe Samorodin scurrying here, there and everywhere, with video camera in tow. “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that camera in your hand?” was the obvious refrain which we sang to him  each time. Well now the mystery is solved – he was looking for a special CD! You can see his fine video here.

We had a brilliant time so thanks to Michelle Demers Shaevitz and her fabulous team for another magical mystical musical experience.

Team Spirit World Cup Mix Video

Team Spirit – World Cup Mix is a new take on an Exiles original song for England football fans, that puts the England team’s 2018 World Cup experience into perspective, especially for those of us with long memories. The Exiles are Tim Readman in Vancouver and Alan Millen in Zurich. The video is here for your sporting pleasure!


Live in Zurich Photos

We are still getting tremendous response from the fandom who continue to send snaps of the cover of Live in Zurich from around the world for us to post on social media. Once again we’ve posted a selection below for your pleasure. Thanks everyone for sending them in!