Time to Put on Your Woolly Trousers

Come on, let’s tune up the panpipes and cloven-hoof it out into the woods to do some dancing around with abandonment. Whatever your belief system and however you choose to mark it, Happy Pagan Fertility Festival to everyone and a big welcome to springtime!

This is the Brand New Website

The Brand Spanking Shiny New Tim Readman Websiteis up and running! Since it went live we’ve been poking about in the back-end tweaking things here and there, just to make sure everything is running smoothly. Graham Livingstone at Greystone Creative has lent his considerable expertise to the Big City geekerati in smoothing out what few wrinkles there were. We hope you’ll agree they have all done a marvellous job! If you have any feedback we’d be happy to receive it.



Lost Fear of Drinking Master Tape Discovered!

In 1999 Fear of Drinking made a live recording of a concert in Zurich, Switzerland at Stadtsommer Festival. It was thought to be lost, after sound engineer Ueli Brunner’s Chuchichäschtli studio, where the tape was kept, was burgled. However it later transpired that the tape had been put into the wrong box. This was only revealed when Ueli was searching for another recording and played the tape, in the mistaken belief it contained a sketch by Swiss-German comedian Bruno Büezer. Frantic phone calls were made, couriers were enlisted and the precious Ampex 2 track master tape was soon winging its way to Vancouver BC (in the Canadian part of what Ueli refers to as ‘Ausland’) where it was lovingly coaxed into its full glory, and made ready to be digitally preserved for your delectation. “Das Leben ist voller Überraschungen” as they say in Zurich. Tim and his sparring partner in Fear of Drinking, Gerard Kerr are over the moon! Ueli is, as the locals say, “ganz aus dem Häuschen”. (Literally: “totally out of the little house”). So be on the look out this spring for Fear of Drinking: Live in Zurich to be released on CD and as a download at all the usual digital locations.


Lament for Barney Flanagan on YouTube

One of the songs on Live in Zurich will be ‘Flanagan’ was written by Gerard Kerr and based on James K Baxter’s poem, ‘Lament for Barney Flanagan, Licensee of the Hesperus Hotel’. Long-time Kiwi FoD fan, Mike Moffitt, of Invercargill N.Z. came across a short film adaptation of the ballad poem by starring Tim Balme and John Yelash, produced by Tony Simpson of Torrent Films and directed by Paul Judge. You can watch the film here:


You can see Fear of Drinking performing the song here:



More Fear of Drinking

You can hear the original studio recording of Flanagan and some other free music from Fear Of Drinking’s first recording, Get On With It! by going to http://timreadman.com/press/ and scrolling down the page. You’ll find some other juicy morsels there too – including some YouTube videos.

Also quite a few of you have asked if they can get a digital copy of our first two cassettes. We’ve uploaded them for you – so go and help yourselves! You can have this one on us.

Get On With It! (1993 Big City) https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/hXr1evDwHN

It Could Happen to You (1995 Big City) https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/8CmjaXKz29

Tim Readman and Maureen Storey – A Pair of Brown Eyes

How about this one that popped up on YouTube while Tim was checking out the latest Walter Becker family news. It’s a rendition of A Pair of Brown Eyes captured at the Seaham Northlea School for Wayward Children 40 year Reunion Gig in County Durham, England in September 2014. It was the last hurrah before the school was demolished – something Tim says he wished for every day he was there! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADFVOjGNsCo

Arrogant Worms in BC

Tim was on the road with Canada’s clown princes of musical comedy, The Arrogant Worms in March on Vancouver Island and in Vancouver. There was much hilarity and a rumoured children’s TV pilot in the works featuring Tufty and Lufty – two foul-mouthed rodents. You wouldn’t believe what one red squirrel and one chipmunk can get up to. We folks in the Big City office think it’s all lies but we wouldn’t be surprised at all if it isn’t.

Recording Projects Update

Work has begun on the children’s album entitled Rockarolladoo. Tim is collaborating with lyricist Alarik Muller of Neue Musik Zeitschrift in Zurich, Switzerland. Recording is scheduled to start in July. Meanwhile work continues on the ‘Cuckoo Gene’ sci-fi prog-rock epic with Baltimore MA’s Andy Cooke and the second Eventually Brothers CD is in the pipeline.

April 2018 … and We are Still Going Blue

We continue to get a tremendous response to our request for fans to send snaps of the cover of Go Blue from around the world for us to post on social media. There’s a new selection of photos below for your pleasure. As long as you keep sending the photos we’ll keep posting them!