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Penguin Eggs Tribute to Vin Garbutt
By Roddy Campbell
Few folk singers, if any, communicated with an audience like Vin Garbutt. A natural comedian with an insightful, laugh-out-loud view of the greater world that he frequently toured, Garbutt also drew criticism and admiration for his topical songs on such issues as abortion and sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. Largely, though, he poignantly wrote about his North-East of England and its pictorial valleys, picturesque fishing villages, and daunting industrial centres. These he complimented with songs and tunes from the British and Irish traditions by accompanying himself splendidly on acoustic guitar or tin whistle. His hilarious, passionate, highly accomplished stage performances earned him the first BBC Radio 2 Folk Award for Best Live Act.
Vin Garbutt died June 6, due to complications related to heart disease. He was 69. He is survived by his wife Pat and their four children, Emma, Tim, Katie and Louis.
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Message from Pat Garbutt
“OK so I have not been on Facebook for a lot of weeks but now it is high time that I sent my thanks out to you all for the support that I have received since Vin died. The tributes and messages on the internet that immediately poured in from every corner of the world were an unbelievable flowing tide that comforted me more than you could imagine at a time when I could not even believe what had happened. My children constantly read excerpts to me as I could not read them myself. But I promise you that every one of them has been saved and I will read each one many times over. I have also received literally hundreds of cards and letters. I will also read these over and over again to imprint on my mind all the beautiful words that you have taken the time to write.
I cannot tell you about my feelings on the day of the funeral as I do not have the words. But to see the cathedral completely full and to hear your voices singing as we came in with Vin was beautiful. The service was everything we had hoped it would be and I was so proud of my children and my family and all of those who bravely got up to speak.
Vin would never have believed the things that have happened to honour him since that day although twelve years ago when he first became ill he received many many cards and letters wishing him well. He joked that it was like being at his own funeral even though he was OK. So he knew how much you all loved him because you had already told him and showed him by supporting his gigs where ever he went. Thank you for everything from myself and our children, Emma, Tim, Katie and Louis. Your words of comfort are getting us through this.”

Halifax Disaster – ‘Song for Kate and Anthony’
There was a nice write up in Halifax’s Chronicle Herald about Tim and Alan Millen’s song about the Halifax Disaster – ‘Song for Kate and Anthony’. As previously reported, it is a “love among the ruins” tale, with lyrics by Alan Millen.
Haunting love song tells tale of explosion
Two Canadian artists have released a haunting song about the Halifax Explosion for its centenary, told through the eyes of two lovers.
Titled Song for Kate and Anthony, the melody is set to a YouTube montage of black-and-white photos including ships in Halifax harbour, First World War soldiers fighting in muddy trenches a huge cloud of smoke from the explosion and its aftermath, and rows of coffins and ruined buildings.
“In our effort to commemorate the tragedy we have incorporated the historical facts into a story of love among the ruins, involving a nurse and gravedigger whose romance flowers in the aftermath of the tragedy,” said lyricist Alan Millen in an email to The Chronicle Herald.
Song For Kate And Anthony was written and recorded in Vancouver earlier this year by Millen and musician Tim Readman. The YouTube video was put together using public domain photos of the 1917 explosion and First World War.
You can read the full article here:
Here’s the link to the video for the song:

A reminder that in the fall, Tim is starting a series of musical pub nights at the Red Dragon on Main Street. Entrance to the pub is via the back alley behind The Cambrian Hall, 215 East 17th Avenue, Vancouver. We are starting on Sept 29th-so don’t miss it! Save the date!

Mission and Harrison Festival Photos
More photos, courtesy of official photographer and all-round good egg, Ben Shaevitz from the 30th annual Mission Folk Music Festival in July. Also some pics from Tim’s set with Jennie Bice at the Literary Café at The Harrison Hot Springs Festival of the Arts. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to culture and the arts in the Fraser Valley.

August 2017 … and We are Still Going Blue
We continue to get a tremendous response to our request for fans to send snaps of themselves with the cover of Go Blue for us to post on social media. There’s a new selection of photos below for your pleasure. As long as you keep sending the photos we’ll keep posting them!

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